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Donations for Tuition Assistance

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SCOPE Education Services (SCOPE) has been in business since 1964. SCOPE accepts no state or federal grants. All revenue comes from private parent paid tuition based programs. SCOPE offers a variety of programs for the children attending public schools on Long Island. The families of many children attending SCOPE programs are not able to afford these opportunities, no child is ever left out of a SCOPE program as a result of financial need. Every penny, of every donation received, goes directly to tuition for these children. Your generosity will assist needy children, providing them with the many programs and services we offer to enrich their educational experiences and provide them with safe and caring programs. We measure our success by the children. When a child leaves a SCOPE program with a smile on his/her face, we know we have met with success!

If you would like to donate an amount other than those available online, please call (631) 360-0800 x207.

Every donation no matter how small will help us put a smile on the face of a child! 

Thank you for your donation!