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Levittown Extreme STEAM (M Edition) w/ Chess/Speed Cubing & Origami Grade 6-8

Enrichment / Levittown Enrichment / Levittown Summer Enrichment -
Summer 2022 Enrichment

EXTREME STEAM (M Edition)Here is a fun opportunity to work independently and collaboratively on STEAM-based activities! Through hands-on mathematics activities and tasks we need you to bring your creative minds to invent, create, and problem solve. Students will work on collaborative design thinking challenges while learning and utilizing skills in mathematics. Are you up for the challenge?

Speed Cubing/Chess Academy Students will also get to explore our Chess/Speed Cubing Academy. Have you ever looked at a Rubik’s cube and wondered how fast you could solve it? Have you always wanted to learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube? Do you already know how to solve it but want to compete and improve your skills? This class is for you. We will learn beginner and advanced cubing techniques and solve different styles of cubes. You will compete with your friends on time. Students of this class will improve their speed and accuracy. 

SUM22Extreme STEAM (M Edition) w/ Chess/Speed Cubing & Origami Grade 6-8 Session 3 Closed

  Richard Andrew Schwartz

Wisdom Lane Middle School
Mon-Fri, Aug 8 - Aug 19
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Max grade   8th

$ 100.00

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