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  • Adjusting Your Mindset: Be Passionate, Be Patient, Be Persistent and Persevere

    F22-01025 ADJUSTING YOUR MINDSET: BE PASSIONATE, BE PATIENT, BE PERSISTENT AND PERSEVERE Cecile Wren - 1 Credit – Inservice - October 12—December 15 Throughout this course participants will be provided with the opportunity for independent inquiry, learning in cooperation with others and reflect practice. Participants will design a toolbox of research-based strategies and competencies that will utilize virtues as a springboard for program design. Additionally, these activities will enhance professional dialogue and effectively blend different, innovative and practical strategies for program implementation.
  • Balance The Mind And Heart: Creating Resilient Schools that Meet SEAL

    F22-01015BALANCE THE MIND AND HEART: CREATING RESILIENT SCHOOLS THAT MEET THE SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, ETHICAL, AND ACADEMIC NEEDS OF STUDENTS - SEAL Cecile Wren - 3 Credits – Inservice - October 12—December 15 Participants will explore the research-based skills and competencies that have a positive impact on the organizational structure of their school, the delivery of instruction, and student performance. Activities focus on alignment with the district’s and/or school’s goals, the NYS Learning Standards and Guidelines for Social and Emotional Development and Learning (SEDL). Develop a toolbox of SEAL strategies, and create a SEAL Portfolio that serves as a resource tool and guide for implementation
  • DASA CERTIFICATION - *Licensure Requirement

    In pursuant to Chapter 102 of the Laws of 2012, Article 2 of the Education Law (Education Law 10 - 18) and Part 57-4 and Part 80 of the Regulation of the Commissioner of Education, requires that anyone applying for an administrative or supervisory service, classroom teaching service, or school service certificate of license on or after January 1, 2014, shall have completed at least six clock hours of coursework or training in Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention and Intervention.