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  • Building Positive Relations With Parents

    F22-11032 BUILDING POSITIVE RELATIONS WITH PARENTS Michael Sims - 3 Credits – Inservice - October 12—December 15 Explore the fundamental importance of encouraging real collaboration between schools and families. Developing good relations with parents is an essential tool for creating an optimal working environment for students. Construct materials, examine how to communicate proactively with parents, develop strategies for communicating negative information and how to remain professional with confrontational or hostile parents.
  • Building Student Resiliency - K - 12

    F22-11014 BUILDING STUDENT RESILIENCY—K—12 Michael Sims - 3 Credits – Inservice - June 27 – August 15 Teachers today have to manage students that struggle with independence & self-reliance. This stems from many factors, like bulldozer parents smoothing the road so they don’t encounter difficulties. Though their intentions are well placed, parents are actually denying opportunities for their kids to learn critical life skills like decision making, responsibility and coping strategies. Colleges have begun reporting students are not equipped to handle the rigors that come at the university level. To combat these trends, we will explore ways to create a culture where your students will learn resiliency & how to be independent thinkers.
  • Poverty In Education

    F22-11005 POVERTY IN EDUCATION Michael Sims - 3 Credits – Inservice - October 12—December 15 Participants will examine the relationship between poverty and learning. You will explore how poverty is truly defined and discover the different levels of poverty that exists in school districts we work and live in. You will develop effective ways to help students overcome the barriers to learning that result from enduring poverty. Since there is poverty in every town and district, this course is applicable for all educators.