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  • Multiculuturalism In the K-12 Classroom

    F22-04098 MULTICULTURALISM IN THE K-12 CLASSROOM Gayle Meinkes-Lumia - 3 Credits - Inservice - October 12—December 15 Students who enter LI Schools systems from foreign countries need to learn to assimilate into a very different culture. What do educators need to know in order to promote success? Lessons on culture, respect, vocabulary, reciprocal reading, diversity, as well as various strategies to enhance respect and learning for all in the multicultural process.
  • Differentiation In Action

    F22-12003 DIFFERENTIATION IN ACTION Gayle Meinkes-Lumia - 3 Credits - Inservice - October 12 - December 15 Learn everything there is to know about differentiating your classrooms. Learn the secrets to recognizing and building on the individual talents of each student, while preparing all students for the rigors of new standards and assessments. Learn student centered ideas, lessons that differentiate, challenging ways to motivate students, current research on differentiation, constructivist practices, ideas for putting research into action, examples & strategies that assist in differentiation, assessment & tiered lesson ideas and websites.
  • Best Practices

    F22-04152 BEST PRACTICES IN CONTENT AREA LITERACY Gayle Meinkes-Lumia - 3 Credits — Inservice - October 12—December 15 Literacy is at the forefront of education today. All teachers are expected to be “teachers of reading,” no matter what their subject area may be. Teachers need a repertoire of lessons and ideas to motivate learners and elevate student abilities. This course provides a plethora of lessons, graphic organizers, best practice techniques, strategic thinking skills, collaborative, small group activities and models that enhance student learning. In the end you will walk away with a literary bag of tricks!