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  • Top Ten Sites For All Teachers

    F19-11009 TOP TEN SITES FOR ALL TEACHERS - K - 12 Kristina Holzweiss - lieberrian@yahoo.com 3 Credits – Inservice – October 7 - December 15Designed to introduce teachers to the top ten sites for teaching. Learn how to create your own hotlists, rubrics, learning materials, flashcards, worksheets, WebQuests & PowerPoint games. With these 10 sites, you will always have that trick up your sleeve. These sites can be used with SmartBoard and Promethean whiteboards.
  • Whetting Your Appetite - Top Free Apps for Educators

    F19-03011 WHETTING YOUR APPETITE - TOP FREE APPS FOR EDUCATORSKristina Holzweiss - lieberrian@yahoo.com 3 Credits – Inservice - October 7 - December 15This course will give you the opportunity to integrate the best free apps available in your instruction and assessments. You will learn how iPads can help your students learn through multimedia and collaboration. Whether you have one iPad or a class set, these essential apps are useful for all grade levels, abilities, and content areas.  
  • Gadgets And Gizmos - Essential Web Tools

    F19-03006 GADGETS AND GIZMOS – ESSENTIAL WEB TOOLS Kristina Holzweiss - lieberrian@yahoo.com 3 Credits – Inservice - October 7 - December 15Do you know what a URL is? Can you locate materials in languages other than English? Have you ever wanted to create online surveys to gather information, or digital flashcards to use as study aids? Did you know that you can download and save educational video clips to your computer hard drive? Learn how to make the Internet work for you as you create interesting learning activities and assessment tools for your students.  
  • Celebrating Reading In the 21st Century

    F19-04062    CELEBRATING READING IN THE 21ST CENTURYKristina Holzweiss - lieberrian@yahoo.com 3 Credits – Inservice - October 7 - December 15I don’t believe in non-readers or reluctant readers; they are Yet-To-Be Readers! I believe in children who haven’t YET connected with reading. The connection could be finding the perfect book that speaks to hem, regardless of topic and reading level. It can be a book in a different format such as an ebook or an audiobook. Or it could be sharing the reading experience with another person. Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary activity. It can be an event tht brings people together. Chances are you became an educator because you love to read and want to share that joy with your students. But how can reading books compete with screen time and video grames? Through this course we will collaborate and share ideas to promote books aned re4ading in our school learning communities. Together we will explore ways that we can promote books through low tech and high tech means.